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Belvedere Peach Nectar 750ml

R 429.99
  • Gin
Belvedere Peach Nectar is a mouthwatering blend of juicy peaches and succulent apricots. These two fruits are combined with Belvedere Vodka using our unique maceration process. The result is a flavor bursting with ripe and aromatic orchard fruit to refresh your cocktails. For its Peach Nectar macerated vodka, Belvedere uses only the finest peaches and apricots to create a bright, naturally flavored spirit with no added sugar and no additives. Plump summer peaches from California and juicy apricots from the southwest of Poland combine to create this luscious and softly sweet macerated vodka. Californian peaches and Polish apricots are individually steeped in the vodka, infusing it with a unique, fruit-filled character. The spirits are gently redistilled, then blended for depth and balance