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Jägermeister 1L

R 380.00

Hidden away in the shadowy depths of our green glass; sealed into the tiniest molecules of our dark elixir; are staggering secrets and wild, little-known facts.

Delve into the stories that make our drink legendary with our Jägermeister Tales.

Curt Mast felt that a stable, high-quality bottle was important for his fine herbal liqueur. The model he ended up choosing would become the distinctively green Jägermeister bottle.

He first put a number of possible bottle models through a breakage test. At home in his kitchen, Curt Mast dropped one bottle after the other onto the wooden floor from a height. A rectangular model, whose glass colour was initially transparent, proved to be especially robust. To strengthen the reference to hunting, the bottle was produced in hunter´s green. A positive side effect: the dark green glass is opaque to most UV rays and thus protects the precious herbal liqueur.