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Victoria Pink Gin 750ML

R 450.00

Proudly independent and Purposefully Small

In 2017 our founder fell in love with the picturesque town of Prince Albert also known as the gem of the Karoo. Inspired by its fascinating flora, serenity, and charm, traditional with a modern twist we set out to create a high quality, small batch luxury gin that embodied this.

With a vision to invest profits back into a social cause Victoria Gin partnered with the Karoo Donkey Sanctuary in Prince Albert. A portion of every bottle sold is donated to the immersive rehabilitation initiative of the Karoo Donkey Sanctuary. A project we feel very passionate about.

Victoria Gin is distilled and crafted at the prestigious Oude Molen Distillery, set in the scenic town of Elgin. We have a remarkable partner in Oude Molen Distillery that we work closely with to help us achieve our vision. Victoria Gin is distilled using three, copper pot stills - Big Bertha, Long Tom and Long Cecil that are over a century old, and renowned for the freshness and purity of the spirit they yield. Twelve signature African and traditional botanicals augment Victoria Gin giving it it’s unique colour and taste.

It is our dream to build our own distillery in Prince Albert and the realization of that dream is closer than ever.

We believe in the age-old tradition of gin and tonic and strongly believe we enhance that experience with our unique gin available in three varietals: Classic pink, Blue & Amber. Cheers!